Civil Invalid Loans Social Institute: the solutions to receive credit

Social Institute civil invalid loans are not easy to obtain. With the disability treatment, in fact, it is not possible to request the transfer of the fifth.

Civil disability: how to access credit

Civil disability: how to access credit

Civilian disabled people receive a monthly sum from the state that allows them to more effectively meet healthcare costs and more. Unfortunately, this emolument is not always sufficient to live, which is why we make use of invalid civil Social Institute loans, which do not include the transfer of the fifth but which can be obtained by considering different alternatives.

An example? The traditional personal loan granted by a financial company or by a credit institution.

In this case it is possible to request a sum of money without having to present a proof of the expenses made with the amount received.

How a civilian disabled can apply for a loan: the alternatives available

How a civilian disabled can apply for a loan: the alternatives available

When it comes to civil Social Institute invalid loans, it is necessary to consider alternatives other than the assignment of the fifth, such as personal loans. In this case, the signature of a guarantor, who may be a close family member, is essential.

It is essential to remember that the guarantor loans provide for the choice of a financially reliable third party, possibly a worker with a permanent contract. Furthermore, the guarantor must intervene only in extraordinary situations and cannot replace the beneficiary in the payment of the installments.

Invalid Social Institute: alternative guarantees

Invalid Social Institute: alternative guarantees

Another aspect to consider when discussing Social Institute civil invalid loans is the possibility of accessing credit using alternative guarantees.

Anyone who receives a civil disability check and owns a property on which there are no mortgages can consider the aforementioned as an alternative guarantee to the paycheck or traditional pension received thanks to Social Institute contributions.

The inclusion of alternative guarantees also includes the receipt of a divorce check and the ownership of share or bond packages. What should be remembered is that, in general, credit institutions tend to accept more requests from customers who present a paycheck as their main guarantee.

Loan changed 2017: that’s why it’s a good solution

Loan changed 2017: that

The last solution that can be considered with regard to Social Institute civil invalid loans is the changed loan. This product is congenial for the aforementioned category of customers as it allows access to credit without presenting a paycheck or pension.

In the case of civil disabled, the requirement to apply for it is life insurance, which must have been active for at least two years.

It is very important to specify that the loan in question is based on the repayment of executive securities which can be converted into money and which in all respects are configured as promises of payment.

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