Difference between credit and debit cards

Credit cards give us money or allow us to pay

Credit cards give us money or allow us to pay

There is one main difference and that is the one that interests you the most: credit cards give us money or allow us to pay even if there is no money in the account and debit cards do not. In other words, the advice of a humble blogger: use the debit card whenever possible and leave the credit card for situations of real need.

It has happened to all of us that the first days of the month have arrived, those in which our bank charges us what was spent with the credit card in the previous month, and an important amount of money disappears from our payroll. We put our hands to our heads and swear in Aramaic ensuring that the bank has been confused. But no.

We consulted the movements of the card and we remembered that dinner we paid for, the leather jacket that we were not able to leave in the store, the supermarket purchase that (we still don’t know why) we decided to pay with that one and not with the debit card or that night at 5 o’clock in the morning in which, with a couple of extra loops on top, we did not care “throw away the card”. That is, we add and the figures come out.

Because paying with a credit card is also paying. Of course it is. Even if the money does not disappear from our account instantly, it will do so at another time.

Other uneven features of debit and credit cards

Other uneven features of debit and credit cards

Bank account: debit cards are connected to a bank and the charge to the account is direct, therefore, it is necessary to have an account at that bank. Credit cards are not always issued by banks. A credit company, for example, can make us one and it is not necessary to have an account with them. Rather, it is impossible to have an account with them because they are not a bank.

Commissions: It depends on each bank, but as a general rule, debit cards usually carry much lower commissions than credit cards. Insurance and protection: credit cards tend to have insurance annexes and protection systems for purchases that debit cards are often much lighter. There are many more differences, obviously, however, these four comments are the most basic and useful to know for ordinary mortals.

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